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Hey there! My name's Andrew Liu. I'm a software engineer living in the Washington DC area who does a bit of angel investing on the side.


My career has been a semi-uncommon path of working at big tech (i.e. Google) for a few years before embracing the Silicon Valley startup life. After COVID hit, I moved back to the DMV and became a remote worker. My specialties revolve around cybersecurity and machine learning.

  1. I'm currently at cybersecurity startup called Stairwell. We share a lot of pedigree with the Ex-Googlers from Chronicle Security.
  2. In a past life, I did engineering at Scale AI. The startup produces training data for AI applications. During my time there, Scale became a unicorn, and I founded the company's machine learning infrastructure team.
  3. Before that, I worked on authentication at Google. (Yes, literally the login page.) I was also the former maintainer of Google Authenticator.
  4. I graduated Magna Cum Laude from the University of Maryland in computer science. While a student, I also published some security research.


  • I trained in classical piano for 12 years before stopping in college. Recently I've started picking it back up.
  • In high school, I played Go competitively. I peaked a 1 kyu before stopping in college.
  • I currently train Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu and dabbled in Muay Thai back in the day.
  • Occasionally I perform improv and standup comedy. For interested readers, I can share a video of me performing a set at the DC Improv.

Open Invitation

Don't be a passive reader.

  • Find any of these topics interesting? Don't be shy. Share your thoughts.
  • I love feedback. If my writing is crap, let me know.
  • Hold me accountable. If you haven't seen any updates recently, call me out.
  • Feel free to just say hi. I won't bite.

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