Stuff I like.

This page contains links to stuff I find interesting or useful. Your information diet matters!

  • Salary Negotiation: There's a taboo against employees discussing their compensation. That's stupid. In life you get what you negotiate, not what you deserve.
  • Goals vs Systems: This one was taken down for some reason, so I've linked to the archived version. Scott Adams (the creator of Dilbert) shares why goals are for losers.
  • Obsidian and Todoist: My preferred note taking and task management apps, respectively. You should be journaling and keeping track of your tasks. It clears your thinking and allows a mind like water.
  • Antifragility: I recommend reading all of Nassim Taleb's Incerto. Antifragility is the idea that "what doesn't kill you (or maim you) makes you stronger." So you should be pursuing controlled stressors in life. Take on recoverable risks and challenges, and grow from them. You should be lifting weights, by the way.
  • Doomer Optimism: A modern look into "hope for the best but prepare for the worst." This blog post got me into UFC and martial arts. You should be learning how to fight, by the way.
  • Anything by Sywx is probably going to be a banger.
  • Anything by Derek Sivers is probably going to be a banger. His books and blog posts are so short you can breeze through all of them anyway.
  • Books by Cal Newport are all bangers. Consider reading all of them (besides the ones that are school-specific). I'm not as big a fan of his blog or podcast, as his work really shines when he's had time to distill his thoughts into the books.
  • Basic Financial Responsibility: Financial health is as important as physical health. The Bogleheads philosophy is the bare minimum you have to understand about finances, or else you're fucked.
  • BowTied Bull: Subscribe to their Substack and read their books. Caveat here being that their writing style isn't for everyone and may even confuse/mislead people. IYKYK.
  • Don't Kill Time: Life goes to waste when we get lost in the distractions of the modern world. It numbs our critical thinking and turns us into NPCs. Live your life with intention instead.
    • By the way, David Perell is the epitome of "B+ content and A+ consistency." Most of his works don't resonate with me, but he produces so much that he creates a ton of bangers anyway.
  • Some links on how successful teams operate:
    • Netflix Culture Slides: A masterclass on how successful companies shape their culture. A company is a sports team, not a family.
    • How Nvidia Operates: Have a flat, high-context organization. Avoid rigid long-term plans. Stochastically sample different parts of the company to balance accountability and the overhead from writing status reports.
    • Undifferentiated Heavy Lifting: Focus on the important work where you can make a difference. Outsource everything else.
    • Naval on how to build a team: This echoes a lot of the points from previous bullets. Avoid middle management. Outsource undifferentiated heavy lifting. Work on what you want, but be sure to ship it.
  • IPoAC: A transport layer protocol that transfers data via carrier pigeon.
  • Other sites that have similar pages of links they like: