What am I doing now?

This page was last updated on May 8, 2023.

Standup Comedy

Over the past month, I've been taking standup comedy classes and going to open mics. The classes just ended, and the graduation show is in a few days. We're gonna have some fun...


I started doing improv. Three years ago, I would have been terrified of that very concept. But it's loads of fun and the highlight of my week. My goal? Trick everyone into thinking I'm an extrovert. The classes have ended; it was such an enjoyable experience.


Last season, I tried out skiing. It was fun, but I wouldn't say it was something I'd enjoy in the long term. This season, I began snowboarding. It's harder to get started, it's a lot more fun once you start to get it. I can do black trails now! They say that a snowboarder's learning rate is exponential; empirically, that's been true for me.


I started volunteering at my local science center. Eventually, I plan to create and teach my own course. It'll probably be something like an intro to hacking or how to make your own website.

Discovery Flight

There are a bunch of friends (across different groups) who happen to be pilots or learning to fly. They all recommend trying it out. So I did a discovery flight, where you fly a plane in tandem with a real pilot. It was fun. Now it's tempting to study to become a pilot. But that probably won't start until later this year.

Working from Europe

I took a "work-cation" to Europe around January/February. It started in Amsterdam and ended in London. Amsterdam was nice, but I liked London a lot more. Part of what I consider a good vacation is having the opportunity to hang out with the locals, which was far easier since I had a social network in the UK.


Due to the ski season and moving, I paused Muay Thai and BJJ classes. The original plan was to resume after the season ends, but there's no reason to delay that much. In January, I resumed taking BJJ classes.